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Deeptech Sakowin Launches Its Industrial Platform Aiming for Industrial Pilot by 2024

Aix-en-Provence (France), September 28, 2023 – Deeptech Sakowin unveiled its state-of-the-art industrial platform, marking a pivotal step toward finalizing the development of its breakthrough technology and launching the industrial pilot. A demonstration to industrial stakeholders showcased its technology allowing for decarbonizing gas upfront and producing decarbonated hydrogen. Following the successful delivery and installation of the first SouthBeach 3000 prototype in Switzerland in 2022, backed by Bpifrance and the EIC Accelerator, the new platform underpins Sakowin’s ongoing commitment to advancing CO2-neutral or even negative hydrogen production via (bio)methane plasmalysis. This development gears Sakowin to achieve a 100kW power output for the South Beach module, with industrial demonstrators set for delivery by late 2024 and the final product launch slated for the end of 2025. The 100kW modules can be assembled to generate from 200 kg to several hundred tons of decarbonized hydrogen daily.

A carbon filter to accelerate industrial decarbonization

Sakowin’s solution stands as a carbon filter, accelerating industrial decarbonization for entities relying on natural gas. OEM partners and system integrators will incorporate Sakowin’s technological unit into comprehensive solutions for vertical markets including industrial process decarbonization, emission reductions in the oil and gas sector, and heavy mobility.Furthermore, methane plasmalysis co-produces solid carbon, a valuable resource in construction and other industries, aiding in carbon footprint reduction, and in agriculture to enhance soil water retention, thus providing a holistic response to climate change challenges.Sakowin’s compact, modular, and stackable equipment integrates seamlessly into existing gas infrastructures for on-site, on-demand hydrogen production with adjustable capacity tailored to client needs. Over 10 industrial partners, including the Swiss Association for the Decarbonization of Industry (VzDI), which selected Sakowin last April to provide a decarbonated hydrogen production demonstrator set for installation at the Zug Tech Cluster by late 2024 or early 2025, have endorsed the technology. Sakowin aims to deliver about fifteen industrial pilot projects by 2025.Gérard Gatt, President of Sakowin, commented, « Inaugurating this industrial pilot fills us with immense pride. It epitomizes the collective effort of our team and partners and propels us toward the essential scale-up to leverage hydrogen as a catalyst for the energy transition. »

About Sakowin

Sakowin is an eco-conscious deeptech company founded in 2017 that produces decarbonated hydrogen through methane plasmalysis. Sakowin’s equipment is compact, modular, and stackable. The system can be easily integrated into existing industrial and gas infrastructures, enabling on-site production on demand. Its capacity can be readily adjusted to accommodate various sectors and facilities. Sakowin has received the Deeptech label in March 2022 from Bpifrance and benefits from thesupport of the European Innovation Council. It already has several industrial partnerships (among which EMPA in Switzerland, Ponticelli Brothers, ADF Group, AES DANA, and Saint-Gobain) and is constantly developing its solution. Sakowin’s team is committed to innovating for the energy transition and for the future of the industry.

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