Sakowin aims at being an active part in accelerating the energy transition through the CO2-free production of low-cost sustainable hydrogen.



Sakowin’s technology is protected by 3 patents filed and pending. The patents cover the production, distribution and scaling of a technology to produce sustainable hydrogen.



Sakowin has developed a process methodology which uses the microwave plasma technology to produce gaseous hydrogen and solid carbon from methane. 

Next generation of on-demand low-cost green Hydrogen production.

Sakowin produces the equipment and process to create Sustainable Hydrogen and carbon, with zero CO2 emissions. Sakowin’s technology has evolved from the traditional electrolysis process to the current microwave plasma technology that converts natural gas and biomethane into decarbonated hydrogen gas and solid carbon via a CO2 emission-free methane decomposition process.


“Accelerate the energy transition through the emergence of competitive and 100% decarbonated sustainable hydrogen production solutions “

  • Winner of Nation Forum des Eco-Enterprises
  • Winner of the “H2 Hub Airport

Our team

Sakowin’s team has undergone some changes over the past 2 – 3 years to better suit the transition to the existing technology and product line. We have strategically built a core team of expertise and skills to meet the requirements of the business growth at each stage.

14 experts

Physics, chemistry, electronics, industrialization, finance and business development

6 PHD members

Our PHD team members have experience in physics and microwave plasma, radio frequencies and microphysics.

6 scientific R&D partners

Plasma experts, Research centers & SMEs

3 Patents

Filed and pending – relating hydrogen integrating a microwave plasma technology

250+ Years

Our team combined has over 190 years of relevnat experience and come from mostly top Tier 1 universities.

3 Advisors

We lean on the support and guidance of our board members with backgrounds in finance, science and engineering.